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ALCIS is an authentic sportswear. This brand was born to celebrate uniqueness and authenticity when it comes to performance and sports. We are loyal to newness and modernity, for the people, by the people who believes in celebrating fitness and sports. ALCIS has been chiseled with a belief that raced ahead to become a global youth lingo, belief in a breed which believes that "Sweat is Sexy". It's a breed that believes, fitness packed with strength, speed and endurance is kickass. This brand offers fitness gear, which is an electrifying mix of technology and fashion, both for Men and Women. It's portfolio spread across the categories like - Running, Training, Yoga, Soccer, Tennis. Alcis highlights the fitness factor and bridges the gap between high-end and affordable without compromising with the quality of the basic amenities. It's a brand that largely uses autogenesis amenities from yarn to processing. Alcis is for youth, yet for all. Classic in its ways, tough for the trainer and accelerator for the runner

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